There are many relationship experts in California, but who are the best? We’ve included Vienna Pharaon, Dr Romance, Esther Perel, and Lauren Fogel Mersy in this article. These experts all specialize in helping people improve their relationships. While they all have different styles, they all have similar traits, so we’ve chosen them to highlight in this article. Using lists and infographics, their blogs are easy to read and packed with valuable information.

Lauren Fogel Mersy

If you’re looking for a relationship expert in California, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve rounded up 12 of the best, from Dr. Lauren Fogel Mersy of Marin County to Natalie Lue, a relationship expert in New York. Their books cover a wide range of topics, from overcoming insecurities to understanding conflict. You can choose one based on the topic you’re facing.

Relationship Experts

Dr Romance

The author of the Dr. Romance blog, Tina B. Tessina, is a licensed psychotherapist in S. California with over 30 years of experience in counseling relationships. She answers reader questions in an entertaining and informative manner. Her website features articles from dozens of sources and a free newsletter. She is also a frequent contributor to the national media. In addition to being a relationship expert, Dr. Tessina is also a published author with 15 books in her repertoire.

Vienna Pharaon

Listed among the best relationships experts in California, Vienna Pharaon is a great influencer of our time. She offers insightful strategies for healing past trauma, nurturing trust, and creating rock-solid relationships. Listed below are some of the most important strategies Vienna teaches her clients. Read on to learn more about each one of them. While there are many relationship experts in California, these 12 are the best for you.

The founder of Mindful Marriage and Family Therapy in New York City, Vienna Pharaon is a highly sought after therapist in the field of relationship issues. Her mission is to help individuals connect with their voice and build fulfilling relationships. As a relationship expert for Motherly, Vienna has been featured in The Economist, Fatherly, and The New York Post. She offers both individual and family therapy, and has even worked with the government to help prevent marriage violence.

Relationship Experts
Esther Perel

Psychotherapist and bestselling author Esther Perel has dedicated her career to helping couples achieve vitality and connection in their relationships. With over 35 years of experience as both an individual and a couples therapist, she offers lessons that apply broadly to relationships around the world. Her podcast “Where Should We Begin?” features real couples and their therapists as they work through their issues. Listeners will gain an inside look at how couples deal with adversity, and learn valuable relationship advice for their own relationship.

Relationship experts recommend that couples make communication a priority. As Esther Perel emphasizes in her podcast, “Listen without judging or agreeing.” While you may not agree with the other person, you can appreciate their perspective and use it to your advantage. Listening is key to building healthy relationships. When you truly listen to your partner, you will gain a deeper understanding of their issues and develop a deeper connection.

Dr. Perel has been a top-rated relationship expert in California since the late 1980s. Her focus on sexuality first made her famous in the pre-Lewinsky media environment. Today, she is recognized for her work with intercultural and interfaith couples. She also offers couples a variety of services aimed at improving their relationships. While her practice is a vastly diverse one, it’s easy to see why she is regarded as one of the best relationship experts in California.

Jaime Bronstein

If you’re looking for one of the best relationship experts in California, look no further. Jaime has worked with countless couples and singles to create the relationships that bring them the most joy. In fact, she’s currently working on her own book about manifesting love. She has a bachelor’s degree in psychology from Boston University, a master’s degree in social work from New York University, and a certificate in spiritual psychology from the University of Santa Monica. She helps her clients get back to the source of their love life by helping them see the other side of the equation. She is a frequent contributor to a variety of media outlets, sharing her insights about relationships.