The best relationship therapists offer more than just advice. They use storytelling techniques to heal relationships and create secure attachments. Narrative therapy involves rewriting stories about your problems, which can help you realize that no single story can encompass everything that happened in your relationship. Read on to discover the top 11 relationship therapists. There are many reasons to seek therapy. And remember: you are not alone! There are many other couples struggling with the same issues.


Talkspace partnered with the leading therapist associations to provide online therapy for couples and individuals. Licensed psychiatrists and therapists offer both individual and couples therapy. Each professional has 3,000 or more hours of clinical experience and additional training. Talkspace will match you with the most appropriate therapist based on your needs. Once you have matched with the right therapist, your first session will be scheduled through Talkspace.

There are some cons to Talkspace. The subscription fees are too high for some people. It can also be difficult to match with a therapist, so you may have to do some research yourself. In addition, you may have to wait a while until your first live session if your insurance does not cover it. Another downside to Talkspace is that some therapists are not licensed to diagnose conditions online.

Both Talkspace and Cerebral offer online mental health tools. Cerebral is a digital mental health tool that offers counseling for depression and other conditions. While Talkspace offers online counseling for couples, Cerebral has a more comprehensive mental health platform that includes medical professionals and licensed therapists. The services cost $85 per month or $29 for an individual. Both sites accept employee assistance programs.

Relationship Therapists

Relationship Therapists


ReGain Relationship Therapists can help you improve your relationship through their services. Clients can talk to their counselor on the phone, via video chat, or electronically through a private online “room.” The counselors will reply to questions in the room, and give feedback and guidance. Clients may also remain anonymous. The benefits of online relationship counseling are numerous. However, there are certain drawbacks. If you are in a serious relationship crisis, seeking professional help is crucial.

One of the biggest advantages of ReGain is its accessibility. The ReGain website has over 10,000 licensed counselors and therapists, so the process is quick and easy. It is important to note that unlike traditional counseling, ReGain counselors are not limited in their approach or content. You can try various methods and choose the style of counseling that works best for you. ReGain counselors have advanced training in various types of therapy.

Once you register for ReGain, you’ll have access to the therapist’s schedule and can write about your relationship concerns or questions. Counselors will respond to messages. Though they may not reply instantly, they will do their best to respond to you. However, please be aware that ReGain counselors cannot accept three-way calls, so if you’re worried about your partner’s safety, you may not want to contact them.

Vienna Pharaon

As the daughter of divorced parents, Vienna Pharaon had a unique opportunity to learn about healthy relationships. After her parents’ 11-year separation, she became determined to learn more about how to build healthy relationships. Vienna shares her wisdom with others, helping them understand how they got where they are and how to move forward. Here, she shares her thoughts on a wide range of topics, including connection and attachment.

As a licensed marriage and family therapist, Vienna Pharaon works with couples and individuals who are having trouble in their relationships. She specializes in couples therapy and is located near Grand Central Station. After earning a Master of Science in Marriage and Family Therapy from Northwestern University, she trained extensively at various locations, including The Family Institute and the Bette D. Harris Center. In addition to this, she worked in community-based therapy organizations, including Family Focus.

A licensed marriage and family therapist, Vienna Pharaon has helped many individuals, couples, and families overcome relationship problems. She also created a community on Instagram known as the @MindfulMFT community, reaching over 500K people each day. The benefits of working with Vienna Pharaon are numerous. She believes that everyone has the power to create beautiful change. During therapy, Vienna Pharaon pays close attention to patterns and listens to her clients. Her approach is collaborative and results-oriented, and she helps her clients to challenge their thoughts and set goals with her.

Relationship Therapists
Nicole Lepera

For years, I had thought that the best relationship therapist was one of the most famous, but after reading Nicole Lepera’s book, I began to question that opinion. I was convinced that my relationship was fine, but I realized that my parents’ relationship had been plagued by problems of emotional dysregulation and detachment, which I inherited from them. I began to realize that the problem was much deeper than I had first thought, but I had never heard a therapist with the same background as my parents.

Dr. Nicole LePera is a holistic psychologist who has developed her training in psychology beyond traditional methods. She recognizes the connection between mind and body, addressing the underlying emotional issues and equipping individuals to find relief and healing. She founded the Mindful Healing Center in Philadelphia, where she incorporates mindfulness into her practice. It’s hard not to feel hopeful after reading Dr. Nicole LePera’s book!

Couples Therapy Inc.

One of the most popular forms of relationship therapy is a method called narrative therapy. It works by having couples write down problems in their relationship and then rewrite them, so that no single story can adequately capture the experiences of both partners. This method is useful when both partners blame each other for the relationship’s problems. Couples who engage in this technique often find that their relationship improves after undergoing this method. In this case, the goal is to improve intimacy and trust.

While limerence can be overwhelming and can make you feel like you’re constantly making grand gestures, it’s not the same thing as being in love. True love is expressed through communication and the ability to forgive and resolve disagreements. The therapists at Couples Therapy Inc. also teach couples how to handle conflict, which is a natural part of life. They also train their clients to replace resentment with love instead of resentment.

Another advantage of using this online therapy service is its accessibility. Unlike other companies, Couples Therapy Inc. provides a free 15-minute consultation. While other services use algorithms to determine whether you’re a good candidate for a specific type of therapy, Couples Therapy Inc. is a great choice if you are looking for an individualized approach to solving your relationship’s problems. Moreover, the company does not accept insurance for its sessions, so if you’re a U.S. resident, you can use the insurance reimbursement service.


Amwell offers online sessions with certified therapists that can address a wide range of issues. The list of therapies available varies depending on the area of specialty and prescription. They also offer therapy for teens and children. The sessions are 45 minutes long and take place via live video call or online client portal. Users can cancel their sessions at any time and switch to another therapist if necessary. The online platform also offers a chat feature for those who prefer to discuss their problems over the phone.

The service connects users with doctors and therapists same-day, which makes them extremely convenient. Typically, it takes fourteen days to get an appointment with a therapist. However, Amwell users experienced less wait time compared to other online therapists. Almost 40 percent received a reply the same day, and another 20 percent received a response within a day or two.

Amwell has a low price for its services. Sessions cost $99-$110. Users do not have to sign up for a subscription. Instead, they can book sessions whenever they feel the need to see a therapist. Because they offer video sessions, Amwell is more affordable than traditional therapy. Amwell also allows customers to book sessions whenever they feel they need them, so they don’t have to worry about monthly fees.

Relationship Therapists