Raw Reviews Business Listings - three great ways to promote your raw business

Are you part of the 'Raw Revolution'? If you have a business that supplies raw dog food, treats and snacks; are a manufacturer of raw or biologically appropriate dog food; or even own a dog café or other doggy service offering subscribing to the raw revolution, we want to hear from you! We have three great ways you can promote your business to customers searching for you in the fastest growing raw dog food directory in the UK.

Basic listing

If you sell or supply raw dog food products we want to hear from you. List your business as part of the fastest growing raw food directory in the UK!
Online listing
Phone number
Searchable in directory by location or business name

Featured Business

List your business and access customers searching for 'raw dog food suppliers' near them.
£5.00/ month
Full business description and contact details
Brands supplied
Special offers and discount codes
Rotating featured on Raw Reviews homepage
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How can I pay to list my business?

It's very simple - we have PayPal subscriptions or one-off payment options.

What kind of content can we submit as advertorial for our 'Dog's Danglies' membership?

Anything raw related! If you have hints and tips for readers, a salvation story about bringing a dog back to good health or an insight you feel readers would find interesting - that's what we're looking for. The one caveat is that the content must be entirely unique - exclusive to Raw Reviews. Dog's Danglies members are encouraged to send monthly content for submission but as and when is beneficial to your business.

Can I upgrade (or cancel) my membership at any time?

Of course! Just give us a call or email Raw Reviews to discuss your plan and we can work out how you can get the most from your membership.