Real About Raw Feeding

To kick start the month we wanted to start off by talking to the team at The Natural Cornish Pet shop about debunking a few of the myths about raw feeding.

What’s so good about raw feeding?

When you start researching the benefits of raw food you see the headlines, ‘shinier coat, better digestion, cleaner, fresher breath’, it’s not until you experience these benefits for yourself do you see the contrast to feeding raw food over dry and wet alternatives. Never has this been as clear to us than in our triumph this year in transferring our cat onto a raw diet of Purrform Complete – within weeks his coat was shining and his breath fresh.

Why do you recommend raw feeding?

Alongside our natural pet shop we run one of the UK’s leading dog daycares, Doggy Day Care Cornwall and we experience dogs from all backgrounds, of all ages on a large scale on a daily basis seeing upwards of 60 dogs a day. The majority of them have one of their daily meals with us. This, coupled with the best part of six years experience in the industry has given us amazing insights into the long term benefits that a raw diet can provide, starting first hand with experiencing their poos! You can tell a lot about a dog’s general wellbeing from the results that are shown after they have gone to the toilet, from how well they have digested their meal, to whether their food and the proteins agree with their digestive systems.

What is your best advice for those that are new to raw feeding?

Start simply, do not scare yourself into a whole new world of understanding when the majority of the hard work has already been done for you. The world of raw has come a long way in recent years with most components being provided to you in a ready to go format, look for brands with ranges that say ‘complete’ as complete meals give you all the balanced nutrition needed for feeding your dog, without a need to reach for the meat cleaver! It’s a process and a routine, once you’ve mastered one of these aspects you are ready to start exploring the world of raw!

You mentioned you feed your cat raw?

Our understanding of the benefits of natural feeding started seven years ago when our kitten developed cystitis, Louis’ resistance to the veterinary approved diet set us exploring and researching the industry where we found a common theme of cats fed on a diet of supermarket staples having high likelihood of developing cystitis due to the unnaturally high levels they contain salt, sugar, and wheat not forgetting shockingly low levels of meat! Transferring him first on to all natural alternatives with high meat has kept him out of the vets and cystitis free, as he is now entering senior stages of his life we wanted to provide him with the very best in nutrition.
Our two dogs are also raw fed (no surprises there), now aged twelve and thirteen, Flora and Grace have daily compliments from customers on their sprightliness and youthfulness. Raw food, especially tracheas, are naturally rich in chondroitin and glucosamine and is the perfect healthy treat for an afternoon spent sunning themselves in the garden.

Jordan and Katy established the Natural Cornish Pet Shop in 2018 as part of an extension of their existing business Doggy Day Care Cornwall. They stock an extensive range of raw dog food and all natural alternatives along with an outstanding array of all natural treats. Located along the leafy lanes of St Erth on a former golf course.

We asked Katy to do a round up of resources to use when starting out on raw feeding, below you will find a short guide with helpful places to start when beginning your journey.

Natures Menu – Established over 35 years ago this raw feeding supplier sets the gold standard for feeding raw, with plenty of helpful tips, tricks and advice on a range of different ways to feed raw, suitable for all budgets and to suit all ranges of abilities from raw newbies to raw experts.

Benyfit Natural – The team at Benyfit Natural have developed a stunning range of products to suit a range of needs, their two senior care recipes, along with special diets are highly considered and designed to benefit the needs of dogs that need additional joint support to dogs that benefit from diets with low purine.  
Perfectly Rawsome – A great resource for those starting out on their raw endeavours to experienced raw feeding pros.
Raw Feeding Advice and Support: – A community started in Cornwall that now has a worldwide following run a Facebook Group where you can ask for experienced advice on feeding raw.
If you want to know makes The Natural Cornish Pet so special – check out what their customers say on their Raw Reviews page here.
If you’re looking for a raw supplier near you, or to try out new raw food producers – have a browse through the Raw Reviews Directory.