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Switching your dog to a raw diet is probably the best thing you can do for their health

However, as it gains popularity it can be an intimidating world where you get subjected to a whole new language – BARF, proportions, 80:10:10 and what the heck is green tripe! It’s easier to go vegan!

We’re here to help you negotiate this complicated world – Fleur and Arbre review all the raw food products you’ll find in Raw Reviews and we’re also here to help suppliers, manufacturers, pet stores and independent retailers tell you where they are and what they’re doing in the raw revolution! So take a look around! We welcome your experience – please register to leave reviews and comments on any of the businesses in the directory – this way we can grow this resource for raw pups to benefit from a biologically appropriate diet! 

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Raw Reviews aims to offer the biggest directory of raw dog food suppliers, manufacturers and raw related businesses in the UK. List your business here to join our raw revolution! If you have a business that supplies or promotes raw food, snacks or treats and want to list your organisation in the Raw Reviews Directory, you can do this easily online today. There are three options, allowing you to promote your business as you wish, a completely free basic listing; a featured business; and a contributing partner.

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